Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What's next?

                                                          Someone told me I couldn't...

                                                                       .. but I did!

I'm giddy with excitement over this new shirt I got today from the Atlanta chapter of ICAN. They were selling them as a fundraiser and I just couldn't resist! My son is learning Latin in school right now and how could I not take the opportunity to promote something I am totally and completely passionate about?!

So what's next for me? My precious baby girl just turned 7 months old. It's hard to believe it has been over 7 months since I birthed my baby girl. I think I am still on an emotional high from it all. I wanted to share with you all what I have been up to since my VBA3C. I am currently a birth instructor in training with Birth Boot Camp. You can learn more about it here. So what have I been doing? Reading, reading, reading! I have a long list of books I have to read and videos to watch on natural childbirth, breastfeeding and attachment parenting. I love what I am learning and am so excited to go to my training in November to learn more! Once I get through all of my prerequisite work, attend the training and pass the test, I will officially be a childbirth instructor! I am so excited that God has given me this opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge with other women. I have often looked back on my birth journey and wondered why it all happened the way it did. Why wasn't I successful with my first attempt at VBAC? Two reasons: 1. I was not educated 2. I was not given the opportunity (i.e. my OB probably never really intended on allowing me to VBAC!) Now that I have been through this journey and have been educated and have been successful, I want to share with other women what I know! I don't want any woman to go into her first birth uneducated like I was. I have a story to share, and I hope that it will impact women out there! With my first birth, I had zero education. I didn't bother to read anything. I didn't know about hospital interventions. When the whole day unfolded, I had no idea that I was just another statistic of an induction gone wrong. I just assumed that I was in the hands of a capable Doctor who knew what she was doing. I assumed that a cesarean was the only answer in that moment. I didn't know that I could and should ask questions! I want to arm women with this knowledge. I do realize that cesarean saves lives and thank God we have capable surgeons who are able to save lives with cesarean surgery. I am just tired of the broken system using and abusing cesarean surgery like it is the only safe way to birth a baby these days. I want women to realize that their bodies were created to be able to birth a baby and that they should not be afraid of that! Women have been birthing babies for how long? Why are we suddenly unable to do it without hospital intervention?

I could go on and on! This is what is next in my life. I hope to keep blogging and share more in the days to come. For now, I am just enjoying my life as a homeschooling Mama to four. Looking forward to the next chapter of this journey!