Thursday, January 26, 2012

A few minor set backs

38.5 weeks and still going strong!

I have to say, that all in all, this has been a pretty easy pregnancy. Aside from some morning sickness the first trimester (first time I had ever really had it with any of my babies!) and some unwanted aches and pains (especially at night), I can't really complain... I've just been trucking along. Each Doctor visit has pretty much been the same... check the heartbeat, everything sounds good... you look great, baby sounds great, you're on your way!

The past few weeks have been a little bit of a different story, as I have encountered a few bumps on the road to my VBAC.

My first bump in the road started a few weeks ago when I started visiting a chiropractor twice a week. I met with my doula Katie to go over some things and discovered that the baby is sitting posterior. This basically means that her head is down (yay for that!) but the back of her head is on my spine instead of facing out toward my belly. The best position for birth is anterior, head down and back out to my belly. Good news is, she seems to still have room to move around. I am constantly feeling her little bottom out to my side, which makes it seem like she is trying to move out to the anterior position. Hopefully the chiropractor visits will help her turn. I am also doing some exercises from the Spinning Babies website to help her turn around.

This isn't a huge cause of concern in my journey to a VBAC. It could just mean a much longer, harder labor, if she stays in the posterior position. Not the most ideal when trying for a natural delivery... but we will make it work! The chiropractor adjustments should also help ease the pain of labor, especially with back labor (which is normally caused by a posterior baby!)

Then I encountered the next bump in the road a couple of weeks ago I am not sure if I have shared this in my previous posts or not... but my Doctor's wife is very ill and lives in a different state as she is in a special treatment facility for her illness. There was always a possibility that he could be out of town when I go into labor, visiting his wife. I can't fault him at all for this. I can't imagine only seeing my spouse once a month for a few days! A couple of months ago, he told me that his wife was in town through February... a huge sigh of relief at the time. A couple of weeks ago, I found out that she had to go back early. Dr. C. told me that his next scheduled visit with her would be February 16th, which would put me at 10 days past due. This isn't the most ideal situation, but also not the end of the world. I would like to think that my baby would decide to show up before then, but we really just don't know! I had hoped to not have any time constraints on this pregnancy, but now that may not be the case. I am left with two decisions, if she doesn't come into the world before then: 1. induce or 2. wait until he gets back and pray I don't go into labor while he is gone. I really don't trust anyone but Dr. C. to deliver this baby! He has been doing this for 30 years and knows what he is doing. I don't want to chance that I will get a Doctor who will fight me tooth and nail to just have the repeat c-section. I am just praying that I will not be faced with having to make this decision. Dr. C. is convinced that she will come before then any way, but said we would discuss options as the time draws near. I trust him completely. I know that most Doctors will never induce a VBAC patient, but I know that Dr. C. knows what to do in this situation safely.

Finally, at my 38 week appointment this week, I learned that I am GBS positive. (Group B streptococcal) Basically, this is an infection that can be passed down to the baby when the baby moves through the birth canal. Because of this risk to pass it down, it is standard procedure to give the mother antibiotics through the IV when in labor. The risk of the baby actually getting it is very minimal (even smaller than the risk I am taking with a VBAC) but can be very serious if the baby does get it. There are several reasons why I am upset with the news. One, because I had proactively been taking probiotics to keep from getting GBS... yet I still tested positive for it. Two, I really wanted to wait and labor at home as long as possible before going to the hospital. If I take the antibiotics, I may have to go in a bit sooner than I had hoped. Three, there are also risks to the infant with taking the antibiotics... it can cause respiratory issues as well as yeast and thrush (which could hinder the nursing process.) It is possible to retest at a later date and have it come back negative, but I am running out of time! It is also possible to decline the antibiotics... I just need to decide if it is a risk worth taking or not.

Again, these are all just minor set backs... I know it is still all in the Lord's hands! I never expected this to be a cake walk, that is for sure!


  1. wow you are so blessed to have found someone to do your vbac3. I am almost in the same boat except I am not pregnant yet. I just had a baby 3 months ago. But it was my 12th baby 3rd csection. A csection that I really now looking back regret consenting to, but thats a whole nother story. My obs have both informed me next time will have to be planned csection. Not really sure if I will be as lucky as you to find a dr. who will do a vbac3, as I would love a few more. I love reading your blog and hope and pray you are successful and everything goes great for you. In fact if you are successful I just may print your blog out for my docs to read lol. I am desperate as I'm sure you understand. I really do not want another surgery...take care and good luck again!!

    1. Where do you live? Have you tried contacting your local ICAN group? I strongly encourage you to do that!! You may think it is hopeless, but I bet there is SOMEONE that would be willing to take you as a patient. If you have had 9 successful vaginal deliveries, obviously your body knows how to birth!! Go on the ICAN website and find your local group. Then just start asking around for recommendations. I wish you all the best!! I hope I have a successful story for you to share with your doc! ;)

  2. Hello again, I live in Pennsylvania. I took your advice and joined the closest ICAN group. So hopefully somebody on there can give me some good information or referrals. I'm really not sure how it all works though as they have meetings but when I clicked on them they don't say where they are held. All I know is I have a profile made on there now for the southwest pa section. lol My name is Dusty by the way. I thought I would tell you that as I noticed on my comment that it has all those numbers and letters. Not sure why...I'm not very computer saavy. But in order to comment I had to make an aol email account. I used my name so not sure why it's all that stuff. Anyway I hope you are right that somebody will take me. Somebody that takes my insurance and that is reasonably close by. Unfortunately that plays a big part in everything as well. Thanks for your help and I will keep checking in to hopefully (fingers and toes crossed lol) read your wonderful NATURAL birth story. Oh and also I wanted to tell you and I know everyones different but my #8 was born sunny side up.
    I didn't know beforehand and she was one of my fastest labors and deliveries. In fact she was born right before noon and all the drs were eating lunch and my l&d nurse had to yell for them to get in there because she was coming out without me pushing. So there ya go...hopefully even if she doesn't turn you will have an easy time as well. Take care and again LOTS of good luck from pa!