Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's a....

GIRL!!! I went in for my 19 week appointment this week for my big gender ultrasound. Steve and I loaded up all three kiddos and made a family event out of it. The kids have been back and forth lately with boy vs. girl. I had a feeling it was a girl, but most of my family was convinced it was a boy. I think the Mom is usually right... after all, I am carrying this little one inside of me! When I first got a peek at the baby, I got all emotional, as this was the very first time I had even seen her on the screen. I never got an early ultrasound like I normally do. At first, I thought I saw a boy part... but then the ultrasound technician said, "It looks like you are having a girl!" Steve got all teary eyed, and the kids cheered! It was a beautiful moment! We couldn't be more excited to welcome our little girl into the family. God sure knew that we would need symmetry by evening out the genders in our family. Steve, being the math minded man that he is, couldn't be more thrilled! We are now finalizing our "S" name to keep in tradition with girls being "S" names and boys being "C" names. We are pretty certain we know the first name but are still agreeing on a middle name. Stay tuned....

Dr. C. then met with us briefly and said that everything looked good, except that my placenta was laying a little bit low. He wasn't concerned at this point, since he felt it was far enough away from the cervix that it should move up as I grow bigger. This happened to me in a previous pregnancy, and everything turned out fine. When I mentioned that our little girl was evening out the genders in our family, he said, "Well I don't think that makes your family complete." He said he thinks we should keep on going... I told him if I get this VBAC, we might just do that! He said "Well we will do everything we can to make that happen!" I LOVE this Doctor!

Right now I am deciding whether or not I should wean Caleb from breastfeeding. He just turned one and I am now at the half way point of my pregnancy. Typically at this point, my milk would be drying up, but it's not. He is perfectly content to continue and so am I. Really, I would miss it! So far I am continuing but will just wait and see if it affects my milk and if he decides he wants to wean. I have no interest in tandem feeding at this point (feeding both him and the baby at the same time) so I may just try to wean him by December.

All in all, everything is going well. I am happy with my weight gain and am feeling regular movement. I will post new belly pics soon!

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  1. Congratulations Caryn! How fun to have 2 and I'm sure Sydney will esp. love having a little sister. I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes quickly and smoothly! : )